Friday, October 12, 2007, 11:34 AM

Supreme Court Decisions Today

The Supreme Court issued 11 decisions today -- all summary per curiam affirmances and reversals with no opinions. The 11 cases consisted of 3 criminal cases and 8 civil cases, 3 of which are workers' comp cases, another 2 of which concern appellate procedure.

Seven cases were civil cases arising from dissents in the Court of Appeals. Of these, there were three reversals. The vindicated dissenters: Judges Geer, Tyson, and Hunter. The dissenters who didn't carry the day: Judges Wynn, Stroud, Hunter, and Levinson.

We'll have more on these cases later.

The Supreme Court also issued orders on petitions today. A quick review indicates that no petitions for discretionary review were granted.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It took 7 weeks to issue 11 per curiam opinions?! Honestly...

3:33 PM  

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