Saturday, March 08, 2008, 6:52 AM

NC Supreme Court Decisions

Yesterday the NC Supreme Court issued orders and opinions, including a blockbuster opinion on appellate rule violations. More on these cases later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Dogwood wasn't "blockbuster" enough...Its discussion of three forms of appellate "default" was novel, but ultimately relatively unhelpful. It has long been held that jurisdictional violations are fatal (the purported 2nd version of default); this is nothing new. More critically, Dogwood has left unanswered the question of what the CoA should do (and how the SCt will review what the CoA actually does) with respect to violations that are not "substantial" or "gross." If that's truly the threshold to invoke sanctions pursuant to Rules 25 and 34, then what recourse does the CoA (and also opposing parties) have to enforce the Rules when the violations at issue are minor?

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