Thursday, June 12, 2008, 4:43 PM

NC SCT Action Today

Today the NC Supreme Court issued orders and 13 decisions. Of the 13 decisions, seven are per curiams (including one with an evenly divided Court), and six are written opinions. Six of the 13 decisions are criminal cases.

We'll have more on some of the opinions later.

As for the orders, the Court granted discretionary review in about a half dozen cases. They include a zoning case where the Court of Appeals held that plaintiffs lacked standing to challenge the approval of a new adult/topless club in Raleigh; the case deals with whether a nearby property owner must show loss in property value to establish standing. Another case is one that has gone up and down once before; it deals with whether changes in zoning regulations can apply to one who has already obtained a permit for a previously-authorized use (the petitioner seeks to operate a quarry). Another case deals with easements and incorporeal hereditaments.


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