Wednesday, October 01, 2008, 9:38 AM

Upcoming October Court Activity

The NC Court of Appeals doesn't release opinions today (even though 2 weeks have passed since the last release). The next release will be Tues. Oct. 7.

Three days later, on Oct. 10, the NC Supreme Court is scheduled release orders on petitions, and thus we expect that the Court will also release opinions that day.

The NC Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments on Oct. 6-9 and Oct. 21-22, a total of 19 cases. The NC Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on Oct. 13-15, a total of 13 cases.

Of course, the US Supreme Court will open its term with arguments on Monday Oct. 6. The Court will hear a total of 14 arguments in October (for the schedule, see here).

The Fourth Circuit just finished its first sitting of the term, and its next round of arguments will occur Oct. 28-Oct. 31, including an en banc argument on Oct. 28. The en banc case involves the constitutionality of Va's statute criminalizing partial-birth abortion. The panel had voted 2-1 to strike down the statute (Michael and Motz in majority; Niemeyer in dissent).


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