Friday, December 05, 2008, 1:52 PM

NC Supreme Court To Issue Decisions Dec. 12

The NC Supreme Court is scheduled to issue orders on petitions on Friday Dec. 12. We expect the Court to release its next batch of opinions that day too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has it been a slow year or has the Court simply been dropping the ball? In 2000, there were 9 opinion/petition dates. In 2001, it went up to 10, but dropped to 8 and stayed there for 4 years. It spiked back to 10 in 2006, but dropped back to the standard 8 in 2007. This year, we are looking at 7. Any reason for the decrease? Again, not to be silly, but the CoA releases opinions nearly every other week. 7 opinion dates from the S.Ct. is hard to accept.

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