Friday, February 06, 2009, 12:03 PM

NC Supreme Court Decisions Today

Today the NC Supreme Court released its first orders and opinions of 2009.

The Court granted discretionary review in a handful of cases. And the Court issued decisions in five cases--four of which are summary per curiam affirmances or reversals. The five cases are: a criminal case, two parental rights cases, a case involving conversion by the executor of an estate, and a dispute over personal jurisdiction. (We discussed the latter case extensively when the decision came down from the Court of Appeals, see here; the Supreme Court today adopted the dissenting opinion below, finding personal jurisdiction over the CEO of a foreign corporation based on contacts made in his corporate capacity.)

The Court of Appeals didn't fare well today: four of the five cases were reversals (three of them adopting dissenting opinions below).

More on today's action later.


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