Monday, November 15, 2010, 7:52 AM

Today at the Supreme Court

Today, November 15, 2010, the North Carolina Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in three cases:

  • Morris Communications Corp. v. City of Bessemer City Zoning Board –
    • Whether a reviewing court should accord deference to a zoning board's interpretation of a city's zoning ordinance or should review the interpretation de novo; and
    • Whether the Court of Appeals erred in concluding that the Petitioner's zoning permit expired when the work authorized by the permit commenced within six months from the date of issuance
  • Wilson v. Wilson –
    • Whether the Court of Appeals has jurisdiction to review an order despite failure to perfect the appeal;
    • Whether North Carolina General Statutes Section 36C-1-105(b) requires a trustee to provide the trust beneficiaries with discovery in the form of an accounting where the trust instrument relieves the trustee of this duty and there is no evidence supporting that the accounting is necessary in the interests of justice.
  • In the Matter of ARD –
    • Whether the trial court abused its discretion by failing to conduct an inquiry into whether respondent mother needed a guardian ad litem pursuant to North Carolina General Statutes Section 7B-1101.1(C)


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