Friday, October 05, 2012, 4:37 PM

Supreme Court Opinions

The North Carolina Supreme Court filed four opinions today:
  • In re Foreclosure of Johnson

    • Civil case
    • Issue: whether a special assessment made by a condominium homeowners association is unlawful and invalid
    • Majority opinion written by Justice Timmons-Goodson, affirming decision of Court of Appeals
    • Dissenting opinion written by Justice Martin, with Justice Newby and Jackson joining in the dissenting opinion
  • State v. Oates

    • Criminal case
    • Issue: whether the State filed timely notice of appeal from the trial court's order allowing defendant's motion to suppress
    • Opinion written by Justice Edmunds, vacating Court of Appeals' dismissal of State's appeal
  • McAdams v. Safety Kleen Systems, Inc.

    • Worker's compensation case
    • Issue: employer admits compensability; whether the Industrial Commission made sufficient findings of fact to support its award when the Commission's opinion recited conflicting facts regarding the extent of the employee's work-related injuries and his differing accounts of how the accident occurred
    • Per curiam reversal based on reasons stated in dissenting opinion of the decision of the Court of Appeals
  • In re T.A.S.

    • Criminal case
    • Issue: motion to suppress; constitutionality of an individual search for contraband that went beyond a student's outer clothing based only on generalized suspicion of all students
    • Order vacating opinion of the Court of Appeals


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