Friday, November 09, 2007, 1:34 PM

NC SCT Decisions Today

The NC Supreme Court (SCT) handed down decisions and orders today.

As for the decisions (and excluding two in which discretionary review was improvidently allowed): the SCT issued 11 decisions, of which seven were criminal and four were civil. The 11 decisions produced six full or partial reversals. Justices Newby and Brady each authored three decisions. The only other non-per curiam was written by Justice Martin. The criminal decisions included a unanimous affirmance of the conviction of Michael Peterson. The civil decisions included a significant case about which Sarah will post later: Hamby v. Profile Products, LLC. (Sarah worked on the appeal with our colleague Burley Mitchell. They prevailed.)

As for the orders, the SCT granted discretionary review in two cases: one on a petition by the AG to review the grant of a new trial in a criminal case, the other a petition by a medmal plaintiff in a case where the Court of Appeals (COA) affirmed summary judgment for the defendants (an obstetrician and clinic). The case is Crocker v. Roethling, and the COA opinion is here. The case concerns expert testimony on the standard of care. The next batch of orders is scheduled to be released next month on December 7, 2007.


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