Friday, December 12, 2008, 6:25 PM

Today's NC Supreme Court Decisions

Today the NC Supreme Court released orders on petitions and opinions.

The Court granted discretionary review in several criminal cases and in a couple of civil cases: a workers' comp case in which the plaintiff lost below, and a personal jurisdiction case in which the Court of Appeals (COA) found no personal jurisdiction. Oddly, the latter case was decided by the COA way back in July 2007, and a PDR was filed in August 2007, 16 months ago. It's not clear why there was such a delay.

The Court issued opinions in 20 cases (eight criminal). Ten are regular opinions. Eight are per curiam affirmances. Two are per curiam reversals. One of the criminal cases includes this interesting opinion by Justice Brady tracing the history of the corpus delicti rule, an opinion that manages to cite Hammurabi's Code, the Torah, the Koran, Blackstone, and 17th Century English cases, along with characters such as Moses and Sir Walter Raleigh.

More on these decisions later.


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