Friday, May 01, 2009, 3:32 PM

Today's NC Supreme Court Decisions

Today the NC Supreme Court released orders on petitions as well as opinions.

With respect to petitions, the Court granted review in two cases, one civil, one criminal. The civil case concerns a trial court's decision to revoke the pro hac vice admission of two Indiana attorneys on the ground that they engaged in improper behavior and violated the Rules of Professional Responsibility. The Court of Appeals reversed that order, and one of the defendants (Abbott Labs) filed the PDR to reinstate the sanction.

Aside from orders, the Court issued 11 per curiam decisions and opinions. Five of the 11 are per curiam affirmances or reversals. Six are actual opinions. Half the cases are criminal, juvenile delinquency, or child abuse appeals.

The two newsworthy decisions of the day are Wake Cares, Inc. v. Wake County Bd. of Educ. and N.C. Dept. of Correction v. N.C. Medical Bd. Wake Cares is a 4-3 decision holding that school systems don't need parental consent to assign kids to year-round schools. Justice Timmons-Goodson wrote the majroity opinion; Justices Martin, Newby, and Brady dissented. (For a story on the case, see here.) The N.C. Dept. of Correction case is a 4-3 decision holding that the Medical Board can't punish physicians for taking part in executions. Justice Brady wrote the majority opinion; Justices Hudson and Timmons-Goodson and Chief Justice Parker dissented. (For a story on the case, see here.)

The Court also affirmed an unfair trade practice judgment in a case on which we blogged last August (see here).

Today's cases don't include any major developments for the business community.


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